Are you born after 2002? Bummer! You only have access to our prom if you're born in 2002 or earlier. Alcoholic drinks will only be served at age 16 or older. Bring your ID to proof your age!


Moulin rouge, it is! Let's go back in time to the 19th century. To the Paris life and the French Cancan dancing. Are you joining us?


For this edition, we have chosen a brand new location! O.C. De Coorenaar it is! A lot of parking spots available for cars and bikes.


Dress to impress! Ready to meet your midnight kiss?


Early bird tickets are in sale on the 2nd of March at "De Gilde" in Waregem. Presale tickets are 12 euros, available from friday 30th of March. If you buy your ticket at the doors, it will be 15 euros.

Selling Points

You want to buy your ticket in advance? That's possible! You can get yours in Game Mania Waregem, Cachet Desselgem, De Gilde Waregem and De Treffer Waregem.